If you search or read your favorite article about how to get your blog famous, and search top on Google then the one thing that everyone will tell you is to produce quality blog posts. But only having a great idea won’t turn your blog post to a quality post. To produce a post which looks good to the eye and suits the mind, you will have to focus on some elements of writing, few of them which I have covered in this blog post.

A solid first impression

What’s the first thing someone notices about your post? It’s the title of your post. It’s one of the most important parts of your post. Make sure to give your content a suitable title. And having a grammatically correct title is recommended.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It’s important that you have a solid structure for your blog post. You just can’t put anything anywhere and then expect your readers to get you. Because you know what you have in your mind when you write your post but they don’t have the same mind.

We will divide a post to three parts:

  • Introduction: That’s the part where you tell your readers what your post is about. It starts with the title of your posts, and then some info about the topic.
  • Supportive content: Now after the introduction to the subject, you will break down every piece of information, sentence by sentence, to your reader. Every sentence should add value to the content.
  • Call to action: Now what do you want your users to do after reading your post? Do you want them to buy a project, relevant to your post? Do you want them to leave a comment below, or share your post on social media? This is the part where you start the user interaction.

Feel free to add more things to your content because this is just a basic structure.

You’re a human, writing to another human

You’re not giving an exam, or writing for search engines. Computers are trying to be more like humans, so why are you trying to be like a computer? After all the search engine indexing, social media sharing and all the promotions, it all comes down to your readers to which you’re targeting. They should be your focus, not search engines.

Appeal to them, like you’re telling something to a friend of your friend, or a relative that you’ve met after a long time. After reading your content, a reader should feel something. It could a feeling of joy, sorrow, success, inspiration or anything. If they’re not feeling anything then your job is not done.

Sure, it’s a different thing when you post tutorials or sports news. But what about review sites? Shouldn’t your readers get a bit influenced by your reviews, because your goal is to help them pick the best?

Be beautiful, not boring

Your blog posts don’t have to look boring. Add some visualization, fonts, images, videos or whatever helps you to make your content beautiful. I’m not talking about filling it with the unnecessary, but fill with what’s necessary.

Always include at least one image with your blog post. It helps you with SEO, helps with sharing on social media, and looks good to your reader. Don’t put anything random but something that goes with the content.

Use beautiful fonts. Something which compliments your design, and is easy to read in the devices. And please, for the love of our eyes, don’t use Comic Sans!! They’re not funny and nobody likes them. And you don’t need to use too much bold, italic, or underline when it’s not necessary. Yes, it’s good to highlight content when needed with these, but don’t use it randomly.

Take your time, seriously

Unless you’re writing a blog post for your school assignment, you are not running out of time. You don’t have to complete your blog post within a couple of hours, and start working on your next post. Take your time. Don’t rush.

Take a day or two to complete your blog post. Do some research, get your facts right, read about it, and discuss to get as much information about your topic as you could. You will explore different ideas, thoughts and a lot of internet spam (skip that please).

Apart from spending some time in research work, you also need to give your mind some break. A tired mind won’t produce great ideas. Minimize your browser, open iTunes and listen to some music for sometime, and then get back to your work.

Grammar matters!

Most of us, especially teenagers, have been the “cool internet kid” who wrtz lyk dis, but the mah lyf mah rlz philosophy doesn’t work when it comes to grammar. Do you realize a lot of people can’t read your cool internet kid lingo? It’s fine to use it in your own circle but if you want to write something for a bigger demography then grammar matters.

We all are not great at grammar but we all should try our best. I’m certainly not. So what’s the solution? Don’t publish your posts without doing a spell check. And also read your post twice. And if you need more help then ask a friend to proofread.

It’s not like you won’t mistakes. We all make a lot of stupid and small mistakes all the time. But when you notice these mistakes then don’t hesitate to update the post with the correction. Language, if used properly, is beautiful, don’t hide from it.

After you’ve followed all the above points, just read your post once again to see if it looks alright, and hit the Publish button!

Not every rule is for everyone but this is the basic structure that you will find everywhere. Feel free to experiment and mix things a little to see what works for you. Let us know how you produce quality blog posts.

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