Dear Justin Tadlock,

I use Chun theme, which was designed by you, on this very blog. I would like to tell you how angry I’m with this theme. I’ve been using this theme for over 8 months now on this blog, and let me tell you that it’s a piece of art.

I’m also a theme developer, and there has been more than few times when I spent hours and hours working on a new design for my personal site, and after completing it saying, “It’s good but Chun is still better.”

The only reason that I’m not using my own design for my site is only that I just can’t activate any other theme. They just suck in front of Chun, even Twenty Thirteen. I love using post formats, and Chun is just perfect for someone like me. I’ve bookmarked Chun’s repository for every time I need to check how a quality theme like Chun uses something. And your Hybrid extensions, such as pagination, breadcrumb-trail and post format tools, are more like a toolkit for me. So please – stop ruining my precious hour by creating amazing quality themes like Chun, because I just can’t stop praising it. It should be the #1 theme in repository.

Hardeep Asrani

PS: I love you. Keep the amazing work up. Learned a lot from it. ๐Ÿ™‚