Hardeep Asrani

Support Ninja/Developer at Theme Isle
Twitter @HardeepAsrani

Howdy, I’m Hardeep Asrani.

I’m a WordPress developer and a huge pro-wrestling/MMA fan from Kanpur. I love contributing to WordPress community by creating free plugins, themes and more. You can check my WordPress.org profile here.

I also create websites for clients, and you can hire me for your projects via our contact form. You can also send me a message via the contact form telling me how’s your dog doing.

WordPress Origin Story

I’m a pro-wrestling fan and owner of a pro-wrestling news website, which I started in 2012 on Blogger platform. In April of 2013, I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, which completely changed my life. I was always a tech-lover, so WordPress was something for me. So, I decided to start writing WordPress tutorials and contributed to the community in many ways.

I have done lot of amazing stuff with WordPress and will do more & more in future years. I’m just 21 years old, so there is a lot to learn for me.

Love For Pro-Wrestling

As much as I can remember, the first pro-wrestling match that I watched was The Undertaker vs. The Rock match from early 20s. I watch/write/talk/listen more pro-wrestling on a daily basis than I eat/sleep/conquer/repeat. Good pro-wrestling makes me really happy, and I’m a huge mark for the business.

I love to watch random matches from random wrestling promotions on YouTube & I also love watching UFC events to get a different taste of the combat sport. I have received tons of replies on Twitter from bunch of pro-wrestlers, including Shawn Michaels, Paul Bearer, Dolph Ziggler, Maria & more.

Let’s Talk!

You can contact me for any help, work, or just to talk about wrestling by clicking here.