Another month, and another missed report. So I’ve been really busy recently with my work, so had no time to publish July’s transparency report in time. July was the lowest month for Latte. I will keep this report short, and try to add more useful content in August’s transparency report.

Month of July

As noted before, July had the lowest sale for Latte, even lower than it’s debut month. In July, Latte Pro sold 6 copies for a grand total of $245, while DocPress/Kichu footer extension collected $20 in total. So this led to me a question, is the $49 pricing worth it? I will answer that in the next report.

Apart from business, I will be attending WordCamp Nashik this month, so feel free to say hi! I’m volunteering at Happiness Bar, so if you have any questions just let me know. 🙂