I had a lot of people asking me why there was no transparency report for the month of June. So here’s the reason: I took a some time off and went on a short vacation, so there was a lot of work to be when I came back and things got mixed up… and here I’m, writing this report a month late.

So let’s cut to the chase and dive in straight to the business. In this report, we will be discussing how I’m promoting Latte theme, and how the theme did in the month of June.

How to promote a premium WordPress theme

There are no more than a couple of methods that I used to promote my premium theme, and they has worked well. These methods are cheaper than wasting money in banner advertising, and gets your product more eyeballs.

Having a free version on WordPress.org

Having a free version of Latte on WordPress.org’s theme directory was no-brainer. In the first month, all the sales were generated by the traffic from WordPress.org.

Latte on WordPress

The idea is not to have a sell-out version of your premium theme filled with advertising but a premium-like free version which can be a theme on its own. This has led to great reviews and more people sharing the theme on their websites.

Latte has only two up-sell links (one in the about page of the theme & one in the theme customizer) with no limitations or annoying warning messages.

But  how to get most out of your free users?

Making free users join your email list

Free version of your theme can (and will) have way more users than your premium version. But with having your free theme at WordPress.org, you can’t get their user info (such as email/name), so you’re missing out on a lot of potential subscribers. So how to get them to join your email list?

To get the most out of your users, you can reward them with a free theme add-on, which will be delivered to them upon signing up to your email list. And that’s exactly what I did. Latte Pro has some exclusive sections which aren’t available to free users, so I made a plugin add-on which allowed the users to add one of the Pro sections to their site.

Latte Contact PromotionIt’s a small plugin which adds contact section (which users Contact Form 7) to the free theme. It’s small and users can get it by signing up to my email list. So far the theme has about 2,000 active downloads, in which over 110 users have signed up for the free add-on. Not so bad, is it?

Sponsored posts/theme lists

Instead of wasting money in advert which user tend to avoid, why not have something which user come searching for? Reach out to blog sites doing a theme list post where they themes for various purposes (Google ‘free portfolio WordPress themes’) and ask them to list your theme. It will most probably be a premium listing but it will be money well spent.

I’ve been promoting the free version instead of the premium version, for obvious reasons.

Month of June

June was no different from the last two months. The biggest thing to note was that I changed Latte Pro’s price to $49, and there will be no further changes.

In July, Latte Pro sold 21 copies for a grand total of $729, while DocPress/Kichu footer extension collected $45 in total. It was same as last two months, so no major change in sales. The one good thing was to see the sales number not going down even after almost doubling the theme price.

Apart from that I wanted to note that August is my birthday month so if you wanna wish me, 22nd is the date. Also, I’ll try to post the transparency report for July later this month too. And as always, thanks for reading the report. You can always let me know about your thoughts, in the comments below, or wherever you can find me.

P.S. I’ll be attending WordCamp Bhopal next month, so feel free to say Hi, there.