One of the reasons behind publishing a transparency report every month is to share all my experiences with the readers. So, to begin with, I tried a shot at marketing by doing some experiments. And in the last report, I mentioned that I wasn’t good at it. So this report, will tell you how these new experiments have turned out to be.

Apart from that, I also wanted to share how I’m handling product support, and to introduce you to the latest addition to my theme collect.

Product Support

Selling a product is just half the battle, the other half is to turn the customers into satisfied users where product support plays a very important role.
I’ve been providing support for free to users via WordPress forum, and paid users via email and since the number of requests is not very high, the average response time is less than 12 hours, and in most cases, from 5 minutes to an hour. I’m also thinking of moving the support requests to a help desk software, like HelpScout, if the numbers grow. So far, the response from the users has been great which is evident in the great ratings and testimonials for the theme.

Coming to minute details, right now, I’ve included documentation inside the theme’s zip file so a lot of users don’t realize that there is a documentation altogether with the theme, which needs to be easy to find.

Introducing Photos

Photos Responsive

Photos is the newest addition to my theme collection, with over 7,000 downloads in its debut month. It’s available for free at, with no up-sell at this moment.

I’d love to turn this theme into a theme for photographers and stock-image sites.

Month of May

Last month, I raised Latte’s price to $29 from $25, as the theme is already under-priced. I was expecting the sales to drop because of the raise, but the final revenue ended up being good.

In the month of May, Latte Pro generated 24 sales with $684 in revenue, which looks less than last month’s 31 sales with $720 in revenue but isn’t. As I noted in last report, those numbers were April + last few days of March, so the theme actually did better than the last month. Apart from Latte, other footer extensions generated 6 sales for $30.

I also experimented in marketing by putting two banner ads on DesignWoop and BestWPTheme just to see if banner ads are of any profit. And the answer is NO, at least for me.

One of the hardest part, as I’ve learned, is hiring people. Last month I hired a designer from Upworks to start work on my next theme. I was really happy with his designing skills, and I hope it will turn out to be a great. And instead of expense, I’d call it an investment.

Helping Hands

Let me take some time to thank people who have been really helpful:

  • Deeksha Raj for helping with writing, proofreading, shopping & a billion other things. If you find any mistake in this report, she’s the one to blame.
  • Ionut Neagu for helping with a lot of things. Also for the idea of a transparency report.
  • Marius Ghitulescu for helping with marketing.
  • Suyogya Shukla for helping with designing and rejecting most of my bad ideas.
  • Laika for nothing. She’s too cute to ignore, just look at her.

That’s pretty much it. And fortunately, I’ve some great details to share for the next report. If it all goes right, I’ll be sharing some great tips for promoting on WordPress themes. See you next month!