For years, I’ve worked as a freelancer but recently I’ve started working on starting my own business. In last year or two, I’ve created several themes for and clients, but never actually thought of selling WordPress themes, but that changed this year.

Latte is a free theme available at, which also has a paid Pro version available. Creating this theme wasn’t an easy task and it took a lot of time, given I’ve a busy schedule.  It took me few weeks to design the theme and completing the HTML version, but then I took a long break and didn’t finish the WordPress conversion in months. I finished it in late 2015, wrote some documentation and thought the hard task was done.


After the theme was done and ready to ship, I uploaded Latte at for the review and thought of making an online store for Latte Pro. With a permanent job and contributing back to WordPress, I had little to no time to work and setup an online store. It wasn’t just “install WooCommerce/EDD and it’s good to go.” No, if I’m doing this then I’m going to design and develop it from the scratch. In short, I needed to find a way to sell the theme until I could get enough time to finish the store.

Long story short, I thought of using Fiverr to sell Latte Pro. If you ever did the same thing then you know how HARD and TERRIBLE that is. Let me tell you why:

  • You have to deliver the product to your customers manually, which takes time and people don’t like to wait after paying.
  • It takes 14 days before you actually get paid.
  • Fiverr takes 20% of your income. 20%!!

I sold few copies of the theme in last couple of weeks and started to get more and more frustrated with Fiverr. Don’t get me wrong, Fiverr has been nothing but help for me. It’s an awesome website, but it’s not a place to sell your stuff.

After some Google search, I found a website which allows you to sell your stuff online easily and quickly. I didn’t want to make a store, I just wanted a payment gateway which delivered the product to the buyers instantly. was just what I was looking for.

You just need to sign up and upload your products. It is that easy. I wanted to try the free version first before buying the professional pack, but due to some PayPal limitations in India with Sellfy, I had to pick the professional pack. And well, it is worth the price. Now, here are some reasons why I really love this service:

  • You just have to set things up and everything else is automated. Customers get the product as soon as they pay and you don’t have to do anything.
  • It pays you within minutes.
  • It charges only 2% per transaction + PayPal/Stripe fee, which is way less than 20%.
  • It also generates invoice for the customers and charges taxes in EU, which is what you have to do if you want to sell legally in Europe.

So yes, Sellfy is the reason why I had a good night’s sleep without worrying about people not getting what they paid for in time.

Just to clarify, I’m not affiliated with in any way or manner. However, if you work at Sellfy and want to send me a big fat check of a million billion dollars then feel free to do so.

I’m beginning to figure out that doing everything alone is a hard task. I’m my entire company and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

Hope I will get better at managing a business and will have a team as it gets bigger. So – are you running an online store? If so then any advice will be really helpful.