If you look around you’ll find out that my website’s theme is completely different from what it was few hours ago. And if you dig deep, you’ll find out that this design isn’t complete. For example, there’s no comments section as I speak. So let me tell you what happened.

I was using Chun by Justin Tadlock, along side his portfolio plugin. When I logged in to my site earlier tonight I found a new update for the portfolio plugin. And that was a real mistake. As it got updated, I found out that it wasn’t compatible with Chun’s design and it ruined my entire portfolio. I tried different solution and nothing worked so I had to change the theme.

The new theme is called Latte, designed by me. I was designing it for my site it wasn’t ready to use. But I had no other options so I had to activate it. I’ll try to finish this theme as soon as possible.

Man, last few hours were terrible due to all this. Anyways, enjoy the new design. It looks great on iPad. 🙂