We live in an era where opening a blog is easier than creating an email account, which means every other guy, like me, on the internet has a blog. In this crowded era, it’s easier to open a blog but it’s really hard to lead that blog to success, specially with Google smashing all unprofessional blogs to ground with every algorithm update. And it makes even harder for the new bloggers to not lose hope.

I started blogging around 4 years ago, and apart from the life changing experience that I’ve been through, there were some roadblocks too. Well, a lot of roadblocks, to be honest. I’ve started over 10 blogs on different niches in which less than 3 lived for more than a year. But you always learn something from your failures.

I’ve handpicked five mistakes that beginner bloggers often make. Just reading these won’t make your blogging life a luxury, but it will at least save you from few of the roadblocks that you’ll probably face.

1. Don’t copy!

This is probably what most of the “bloggers” do. Seriously, using Ctrl + C, followed by Ctrl + V, isn’t blogging. Copying saves a lot of time off your work, and you can post dozens of articles within few hours. But – what makes you think that you can do it for a really long time? Or that Google won’t block you for plagiarism?

Copying content from the internet or from a book for that matter, is plagiarism. You never got caught in your school for copying from Wikipedia, but that won’t be the case in blogging. Sooner or later, search engines will catch you and you will see a huge drop in your visitors and revenue.

If you’re interested in writing a fine blog post then do some research, use your knowledge in the field, and write it down on a piece of digital paper. Not only that you write a quality post, but you also get better as a writer.

2. Stop using heavy layouts.

You don’t need a blog theme/template with 4 different sliders, 9 homepage styles and 8 premium plugins. You just need the one that suits your vision and niche. Do you really need a slider? I don’t like sliders, and I think they suck. But does your site needs to have a slider? If yes then do you need the one which makes your site slow? Think it through.

Do you really need a funky theme when your site is a corporate site? Always use a theme which makes it easier for your visitors to find and read your content, and makes your site as fast as The Road Runner. You don’t need to put links to your social media at 9 different places, with two different view counter widgets.

3. You just can’t fool Google.

What on the living earth makes you think that a SEO trick can fool the search giant Google? If it did then it won’t be for long. Soon Google will find the flaw and they will penalize your blog big time.

“If you or your favorite SEO guru think that you’re clever enough to outsmart and defeat the army of Google engineers, tasked with delivering the objective, you might well be in for a very unpleasant surprise. As Google continues its efforts to make its search results more useful to users, SEO experts who continue to follow the old rules are increasingly likely to be marginalized by the search engine.”

– Five Reasons Why Fooling Google is a Bad Idea

You don’t need to use any black hat SEO tactics. It’s 2015, and in this age the quality content is the trick to rank first on Google.

4. Quality > Quantity -_-

The main reason why I decided to start this blog was this! The quality of content. I wanted to create a blog which tells you how to create a website that produces quality content, not 3 different advertisement pop-ups. The quality content is the key to a successful blog.

Would you like to have a 16GB iPod or a 36GB “Made in China” MP3 player? Just like that, you don’t need a blog where you write 80 articles/day but a blog where you take your time to write every single blog post. Also, you don’t need to write 10 pages long posts when the real content isn’t long.

5. You have a life too.

I know how much fun blogging could be, and how obsessed you could get. If you have passion and skills then you can get addicted to it. If you are running a great blog, with your family & friends being frustrated with you for not giving them attention then you’re up to no good.

It’s good to take some time out of your blog, and visit the “real world,” because playing GTA 5 isn’t the “time out” that we’re talking about here. Leaving notes at various cafés is pretty fun. 🙂

I hope this article will help you in making your life as a beginner blog a little less hard. If you’re making above mentioned mistakes then it’s never too late to improve. Happy blogging! 🙂