I’m around 800kms away from my home and I’m using internet for like less than an hour/day, which is some kind of record for me. While I hate being away from the internet, I love spending quality time with my relatives. I do watch Friends when I have nothing to do, and I come online an hour everyday to check what’s going on with my internet family.

WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday, which will be really hard for me to watch. I’ll try my very best to somehow catch-up with the live show.

WordPress 4.2 version dropped earlier today, and it’s the first version in last year circle which didn’t get a post on Tricks Panda.com. Why? Oh please, WordPress is so over-rated…just kidding. I’m no longer keeping up with Tricks Panda, so sorry for this guys.

I bought some new books so you will see them on Instagram in few days (no internet here), and for now – good night!