I missed this morning’s episode (Indian time) of WWE Monday Night Raw. In recent weeks, I skipped most of WWE shows because they are nothing but a failed efforts to fill 3-hours of weekly programing, just on Raw. They put a lot of hours every week, so it’s hard to fill all the time.

I just logged into my Facebook account, and was blasted by wall posts of The Rock returning to WWE Monday Night Raw, so I immediately went to WWE’s YouTube page to check these videos out. Believe me, the wrestling fan inside me was cheering The Rock & was following every single word which came out of his mouth. So far, I’m not sure if it was just a one-time appearance or if it will lead us to a Rock vs. Rusev match, but it simply made my day. I believe they’ll do a Rock vs. Rusev match at Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series pay-per-view. Well, we shall see….but right now, let’s watch the most electrifying man in all sports entertainment laying the SMACK-DOWN on Rusev!!