It’s already 23nd of August here in India and I had the best birthday of my 18-year old life. I was afraid something will go wrong or something will screw this day up, but everything went amazingly smooth. It was just perfect.

It was more perfect than Mr. Perfect. Okay, it can’t be more perfect than Mr. Perfect, but it was way more perfect than Curtis Axel. Nailed it!

The day started with a lazy me watching How I Met Your Mother. Finally finished the season 7. This show is LEGEN wait for it DARY! LEGENDARY!

I went to McDonald’s with buddy Deeksha Raj and it was a good launch. If you live here in India, then I’d recommend you to never heat Saucy Wraps at McD. They suck, more than John Cena.

Wanna know what I received from her? Her time – nah, I got two buckets filled with chocolates and friendship!! I have pictures of everything, including the cake, but those pictures are in very low quality.

Thank you Deeksha 🙂

Then Simran and Shivangi invited me at local bakery shop and gave me cake. It was tasty, telling ya! I can’t thank them enough for it. It was filled with jelly, strawberry cream and pure love. Strawberry cream was the best filling though, just kidding 🙂

Thank you Simran and Shivangi 🙂 I still owe you a treat.

Then I went to ear Chicken Biryani with my buddies Shivam and Golu. Damn, we had a lot of fun. The Biryani was delicious and we ate too much, just too much. We don’t gift anything to each other (boy’s code) and I received 18 strong birthday bombs.

My back is still hurting and it’s spotting a big red mark!! Damn, it hurts!!

I came back home with a cold drink, ice cream and biryani. The time came for me to cut the cake (thanks girls for it) and that cake was painted to my face by my brother. I got my revenge by painting his and my dad’s face 🙂 The perfect moment. Can’t paint mom’s face, cuz she’s vegan. The best part.

Then it came for the low moment of day. I celebrated last 17 birthdays with my entire family, but my grand father wasn’t here for my 18th birthday. Miss you 🙂

This one was for you, daddy! Hope to see you in the heaven in a few decades. I owe you this cake 🙂