If you don’t believe in “love at first-sight” then you need to. So far, it happened twice with me. First was when I saw my mother after landing on the planet earth. And second when I was at a friend’s house and saw a pro-wrestling match on his TV. Yes, I fell in love with professional wrestling.

After finishing my High School board exams in late March of 2012 at the age of 15, I decided to create a blog on Google’s Blogger platform to post WWE news – wwefansnation.blogspot.com. It was a blog that I first created to post small pieces on pro-wrestling and my thoughts on stuff like that.

It was the magical WrestleMania (28) season so there were a lot of interesting stuff going on which I posted on my blog. It soon became a WWE news website where I posted daily results, news, spoilers, stats and a lot more. This became my passion and this blog was the reason I learned a lot about Blogger and blogging and everything in between. WWE Fans Nation also helped a lot in earning some good money to support my other passions and buy myself domains/hostings and other stuff. This blog kept me really busy and this was I all I wanted.

I was good at 10 million things (photo editing, video editing, animation, flash, social media…..and the list goes on and on..) but I wasn’t perfect at anything. This made me good at blogging. It also improved my writing skills (I don’t type like average 17-year-old “C0oL k!d$“) and a lot of stuff.

On 12nd September 2012, I bought a .COM domain for WFN to take it to “the next level” from a .blogspot blog to a WWEFansNation.com website. Yes, it was the first ever domain that I bought. This domain took everything from my site’s ranking but I got it back soon – sooner or later you have to get a top-level domain for your site.

It worked great and I earned some good amount of money, learned about blogging and pro-wrestling, and received some press releases from WWE and other media outlets.

I was a Blogger guy, so I always heard about WordPress and why WordPress was better Blogger. It sounds weird but if you have only used services like Blogger then services like WordPress looks like an enemy territory – well it’s not.

I soon lost all my interest on the Blogger platform, due to very few new updates and limited possibilities. In the April of 2013, after WrestleMania 29, I decided to migrate WWE Fans Nation from Blogger platform to (the amazing) WordPress platform. When I bought the hosting, I was doing pretty good and I had some problems with my domain provider so I decided to move the domain from a different provider to the hosting provider. BUT..by the time my domain was transferred to GoDaddy, I fell sick..way too much.

When I installed and completely configures WordPress, I hated it too much and I thought it would never work out (because I was way too much sick and weak that even using WordPress was thought for me). I was wrong – so much wrong.

Soon I started to love WordPress and did (and still doing) some amazing stuff with WordPress. It COMPLETELY changed my life. I started with managing WWE Fans Nation on WordPress and added a forum, social networking site, live-blogging functions and a lot of create features using some WordPress plugins. I soon started to write WordPress tutorials on TricksPanda.com and then soon became a plugin/theme developer.

My love with pro-wrestling was becoming stronger day-by-day and I was watching tons of indy matches. At the same time, I became very busy with my WordPress stuff. I was still watching wrestling on a daily basis but it was getting hard for me to manage WWE Fans Nation.

Earlier this week, I finally made a huge decision and sent out this message to my readers:

After managing WWEFansNation.com for nearly three years, I have decided to shut this website down and it will go down soon. You’ll see no new content (except PPV results) from this day.

If you are interested in buying this website, then you can contact me on contact@hardeepasrani.com.

Thanks for all the support and I BOLIEVE it’s the right call 🙂

Yours truly,
Hardeep Asrani

PS: Paul Heyman’s client BROCK LESNAR conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania!!

Hell yeah, I have finally decided to shut down my first ever website which was a success. It was a hard decision but it’s better to close the website rather than abandoning what I started. Let’s just say it’s best for business.

This website saw Once in a lifetime match of  John Cena vs. The Rock (at least this is what we thought), CM Punk’s impressive 434 days title reign, The YES! Momentum, The Shield’s amazing run, the launch of WWE Network to Brock Lesnar conquering The Undertaker’s 21-0 streak at WrestleMania 30…a moment of silence for The Undertaker’s streak.

I made this website and this website made me. It’s finally time for me to say goodbye to WWEFansNation.com.

Thank you to every single person who ever surfed through this website and to everyone who ever contributed to this site in any way or manner.

And most importantly, thanks to every pro-wrestler for giving their 100% and risking their lives for the fans. You guys are the best and I’m proud to be a pro-wrestling fan 🙂