Recently I have been busy in posting some quality editorials on this website to improve my writing skills. So, I’m back with the last article on this site as a 17-year-old kid (yea, I’m still a kid).

It’s been a great journey from being born and to write this article on my own website. Sounds kinda weird, eh? Let’s just skip my 12-13 years of my life. I’m pretty sure no one is willing to read those stories. But hey, I wrote a book earlier this year, so you might wanna read that.

I’ll turn 18 years old on 22nd of August, which is just a couple of days away. And I know that a friend of mine is getting me chocolates on my birthday (can’t be sweeter than ya, Deeksha) while a friend of mine (hey Golu, how’s ya doin?) is not getting me a cute little son of a bitch (a puppy for those who are wondering).

I started my journey with the internet and World Wide Web when I was about 12-13 years old and I created my first website when I was around 14-15. I remember I did it all without asking any money from my parents, and I paid for everything from my first Google Adsense payout. Still can’t get my recent Wire Transfer from Adsense cleared, thanks to my freakin’ bank!

I still can’t believe that I wrote a book!!

In last 8 months, I did a lot of stuff… More stuff than I did in prior 3-4 years. I created 10 WordPress plugins, a PHP software, tons of client’s sites, hundreds of articles, themes, contributed to WordPress & bbPress, became a level 2 seller on fiverr & a moderator…and I wrote a book – still shocked about it.

Still a lot of work left for me to do. I want to start a podcast, so will it be the year of a podcast? We shall see. Also I want to alert everyone that I’ll release a new in 2015, which will be a paid book. A man’s gotta eat – sleep – conquer – repeat.Let’s just wrap-up this post without talking about pro-wrestling, lol. But hey, you can get the Network for $9.99!!A final goodbye from a 17-year old me. If there’s anything wrong that I did to you or to anyone in last 17.99 years, then you better DEAL WITH IT!