I know that I’m not really amazing in teasing and selling things, but I always try to do my best.

On 1st January of this year, I launched TricksPanda.com for my WordPress passion and I consider it a success for me, but I don’t wanna stuck on small projects. I’m working on a project which will most-likely go down on my birthday (22nd August) and it will be either a big hit or an even bigger flop, but that’s something for us to find out.

There are no sites which are targeting the same keyword and age group and I hope this will work for me. I will be different from all other projects of mine. It will be a service, not a blog.

Did I mention I’ll create it on WordPress?

On a side note, Envato should provide a more detailed report for its affiliates. I earned $15 today on Envato đŸ™‚