In case you were living under a rock, I wanted to notify you that Germany won this year’s FIFA World Cup by defeating Argentina this past Sunday. See you after 4 years, FIFA.

I was listening to a recent episode of WordPress Weekly where they had the host of Joomla Beats on the show. That guy really got me interested about trying Joomla. I installed Joomla on my server, logged-in to the back-end….and that was it. I wasn’t interested anymore in trying Joomla.


I’m using WordPress from over a year now and I love it. I know how to use WordPress and every single back-end setting. BUT…Joomla’s back-end wasn’t as good as WordPress’ back-end is. I tried Joomla’s post/article editor and it sucked! WordPress has all its post options on a single page without any tabs. The editor looks beautiful and the UI is pretty neat.

Then I tried Joomla’s menu builder (I guess that’s what they call it) and it was really not even close to WordPress’ menu builder. WordPress’ back-end is really easy to navigate with the nice UI and a vertical navigation menu.

I like that Joomla has built-in post stats (hits). WordPress should have something like this too 🙂 I have nothing against Joomla and I know that Joomla is a really powerful CMS…but I think that WordPress is the best CMS out there.

The main reason why I think WordPress is better than Joomla (and all other CMS) is that it’s more easy to navigate WordPress’ back-end, while Joomla and Drupal’s back-end is not user-friendly (at least if you have used WordPress for a good amount of time).

Granted, I was scared when I first installed WordPress (or maybe it was because I had 104 degree fever) on my server for I’ll definitely give Joomla a try when I will have some kind of new website for my own (can’t risk a client’s website on a platform which I have very less knowledge about).

I’m pretty sure that Joomla community is working on making user experience better for first timers like me, and I hope they will make it much easier to navigate and write.

Speaking of user-friendly, I wanna put Ghost CMS over in this post for being amazingly user-friendly 🙂

That’s it,

Hardeep Asrani,
A WordPress User