Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugin in the WordPress’ plugin repository, and it’s simply my favorite WordPress plugin. I’ve installed it on all my WordPress websites, including this one.

So, here’s a list of my favorite Jetpack modules:


Markdown is a very amazing way to use HTML mark-up with some shortcodes & stuff. It’s really a time saver when it comes to writing articles. I use it on several websites where I have to format the text.


This module notifies me every time my websites goes down. This will tell you when you need to change your hosting provider. I’m using GoDaddy, and I can’t remember receiving any message in last few months. Gosh, GoDaddy isn’t that bad at all.

Single Sign-On

I really love this module. This modules adds an extra layer of security to your website by adding two-step authentication to your WordPress login. I recommend everyone to use this module on your WordPress website.

Widget Visibility

This is probably the most underrated Jetpack module. This allows you to set on which page/condition a widget should be visible on your website. It’s just amazing!


This plugin takes third-party services, such as, out of equation by automatically publishing your latest posts to all your social networking accounts. It works like a charm, and you don’t need to pay for a third-party service.


This is my #1 favorite module in Jetpack. The module which gives 100% perfect stats. I use Google Analytics to keep the track of visitors, but I don’t look at my Analytics stats on a daily bases because Jetpack’s Stats module is the one that I look for.


It’s just like Facebook’s notification system. This module notifies you of all activities from the comfort of your WordPress website. You can reply to comments & stuff like that right from the admin bar.

Spelling & Grammar

This module uses Automattic’ After the Deadline service to proofread your blog posts. Cool, right? I’m not a really great in writing, so it helps me a lot. Plus, I type really fast, so it’s a life saver for me.

Contact Form

If you run a blog where you just need a simple contact form which your visitors could use to reach you, then this one is perfect for you. You really don’t need Gravity Forms if you just want a basic contact form.


I do use shortcodes module to embed YouTube videos in my blog posts. I don’t need to visit the video page to grab the embed code, but I can embed it by just pasting the video URL. Cool, ain’t it?

That’s it! What’s your favorite list?