I’m here to not talk about the return of any one, but a DVD! It’s not Godzilla, Spider Man, or GTA 5, but it’s The Wrestling Road Diaries Too. I wasn’t really aware of the release until I heard the interview of Colt Cabana on the Live Audio Wrestling podcast earlier this hour. I have watched the first Wrestling Road Diaries DVD, so you can’t even think of how excited I’m right now to watch the second DVD. I’ll wait few more weeks before getting the DVD.

If you’re interested in buying this amazing piece, you can order the DVD from the official website of The Wrestling Road Diaries. You can get the DVD for $20 and you can get bonus material as a $5 add-on.

Later next month I’ll try to learn the basic PHP coding, as I’m not a PHP coder. I can write a plugin by using the PHP/WordPress logic, but I’m not a core coder at all. I hope it’d not be hard at all for me.

I finally watched UFC Fight Night 20: Brown Vs. Silva event, and it was one of the most awesome fight I have even watched. Matt Brown is the son of a gun, and is the REAL BEAST. Eric Silva is a tough guy, and I have to accept that fact. I wonder if they’ll ever face-off each other again?

As I’m writing this article, I was alerted by a Facebook page that Facebook will soon feature Restaurant & Cafe Menus in the brand pages. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but it’s really an amazing idea by Facebook team.