I’m not sure if you guys watched WWE Extreme Rules or not, but it featured some extreme matches. The pre-show match was a WeeLC match, which featured midgets in the match. We had El Torito, Hornswoggle, a midget referee, and midget announcers. It was really extreme, and I think it should have been in the main card.

I’m not going to talk about every single match, but the highlights of the event. The main show kicked off with Cesaro Vs. Swagger Vs. RVD in a triple-threat elimination match. The main highlight of the match was Paul Heyman bragging about his client BROCK LESNAR CONQUERING THE UNDERTAKER’S UNDEFEATED WRESTLEMANIA STREAK. And it was a great match & RVD is just awesome.

If you’re a Big E fan, then I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News for you. Hell yeah, Bad News Barrett defeated Big E to win the Intercontinental Title. Good match though.

Then it came to The Shield vs. The Evolution. It was the most awaited match of the evening, and I expected Ric Flair to play a part in this match, but Nature boy wasn’t there for the match. It was the most amazing match of the night, and Seth Rollins jumping of the ceiling was the highlight of this match. I expected Evolution to win this match in order to continue this feud, but we will see what’s the future of this feud on Raw tonight.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a Cage match was an awesome match, but the announcing during this match totally sucked! They were not selling anything in this match. The match was pretty good, but the ending was weird in a bad way. Little Johnny part of the match was really creepy, and I hated that match. However, it was creative but not good.

Paige retained the title against Tamina in an average match. Earlier in the evening, Rusev def. R-Truth & Xavier Woods in a match, which was supposed to be a squash match.

Main event of the evening was Kane vs. Daniel Bryan in an Extreme Rules match. The hype of the match wasn’t good due to Daniel Bryan’s honeymoon & later his father’s passing. WWE still tried their best to hype this match. It was a great match & was really extreme. The ending of the match featured Daniel Bryan putting Kane through a burning table, and knocking him out with a knee to face afterwards. Good match.

Then it came to the best part. WWE hosted a show called Extreme Rules Fallout, which featured post-match conference. Oh man, those conference scenes totally sucked. The scene with Bryan really looked real, but the one with Bray Wyatt looked really fake. It was worth watching. Not just the post-show, but the entire Extreme Rules pay-per-view. For me, The Shield & WeeLC match stole the entire night.

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That’s it for this blog post. Next pay-per-view is…I’m not sure, so let me Google it. Yea, it is WWE Payback from Chicago on 1st June. Will CM Punk return at this year’s WWE Payback pay-per-view from his hometown of Chicago? We will see on 1st of July.