I listen to lot of podcasts lately, and most of them are about Pro-Wrestling & WordPress, but there is also After Dark Radio with Bryan Alvarez, which is about all the weird stuff in the world.

The latest episode of After Dark radio was about today’s cutting-edge technology, and how things will be in future. One of the most interesting topic they discussed was about 4K televisions. They talked about HD & 4K television and what is next in the TV market, and I live in a country where you will rarely see an HD TV.

They also bitched about having an internet connection which gives them about 35MBPS, and I get about 100KBPS speed from my BSNL Broadband WiFi connection! I’m not blaming them for their “low-speed” but why the hell I get a speed of less than 100KBPS when I pay about $12/month.

In a previous episode, they talked about Google’s Self-Driving cars, which I believe will be a huge disaster in India. I can’t imagine self-driving cars in my city, as the road is terrible & it’d definitely be a fail in my city & country. I guess Japan & China can use this technology in their roads.

They also talked about the lost Malaysian place, which has been missing from about 2 weeks now. We live in an age where people talk about discovering new galaxies & aliens, but they can’t find a plane in its own planet. How about that? Changes are very low, but I hope that all the passengers are safe & the mystery will unfold soon.

Speaking of technology, the latest in technology is WWE’s online content streaming service, called WWE Network. Vince McMahon, the Chairman of WWE, took a very risky step by launching a Network in the age where most of the people don’t know how to use Netflix. I first few days of the Network were disaster, probably due to the first-day high traffic experience, but they are trying to make user experience more smooth every day. I hope it’d not crash on April 6, when the promotion will air its WrestleMania XXX pay-per-view on Network.

Speaking of WrestleMania XXX, it will be freakin’ 6 hours long. The first hour will be a traditional pre-show, while the second hour will be a Network exclusive pre-show, and the rest of four hours will be main pay-per-view. I guess they may add a post-show to it as well. Basically, it will be more hard for me to provide WrestleMania coverage on my site.

Ray William Johnson recently “retired” from Equals Three, and is now searching for someone to host the show. I’m a huge fan of the series & Ray, and I’ll try to watch the new host as well.

That’s enough for this random blog post. Hope you guys like the new look & concept of the website. It’s WordPress!