Sorry, but I had no time to post anything on this blog, as I was super-busy with the crazy stuff that I have to do everyday.

Right now, I’m watching UFC 170 pay-per-view and Steve Austin is in the attendance at the MGM Grand for this event. My beloved grand father passed away on 31th January of this year, and it was a sad time for me and my entire family, but life never stops.

My boards exams are just a week away, and HELLO! I’m still doing everything, but stuff. I hope I’ll leave the school with at least 75%, but ain’t nobody got time to worry about percentage.

Also, WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday night, I’m really not excited for the pay-per-view, but Chamber match looks to be a quality match with Cesaro & Bryan being in.

For those who don’t know, I launched a new website – – for WordPress and advance tutorials. I have also planned of migrating this blog from Blogger to WordPress after the exams, or possibly the results.

The biggest story of this year so far has been the CM Punk-WWE situation, when CM Punk left WWE without any notice and went home right from Raw tapings. Both sides are still negotiating or are trying to negotiate, at least Vince is.

Also, Fiverr is a great website for selling your gigs for $5, and earning some great money by doing small jobs online. I have earned $20 so far with by selling 5 gigs, as they take $1 for each sale.

I’ll see you after the exams, and UFC is going wild right now, and there’s lot of blood, uhh! Mike Pyle WON!!!