2013 has finally come to an end & it was a great year for me. I’ll mention 2013 lot of times in my future stories & stuff, but it was more than just a “great year” for me. I learned a lot of new things, and I’m still learning more & more every single hour.

In January, I watched The Rock putting an end to CM Punk’s WWE Title reign of 434 days.

In April, I migrated WFN to WordPress, which changed my life! WordPress is one of the most important part of my life & I really love it. My podcast passion also begun in April of the year.

In Oct, I had a great time with my family & relatives which I’ll never forget.

In Nov & Dec, I created hell of a content on World Wide Web. I created more than 5 WordPress plugins, one new PR Checker, and more.

This past Sunday, I watched Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva breaking his own leg in the octagon against Chris Weidman.

In this entire year, I earned more than $600-700 from my sites & I’m too proud to say that.

My writing skills are improving day by day. And I became more of a self made guy that I’m today. I watched more Pro-Wrestling & MMA than the amount of time you guys spent in front of your TV.

On a sad note, Zack Ryder is still not WWE Champion!! Are you serious bro? #RyderRevolution #Shoot

That’s it??? I don’t think so… 2014 is going to be even more amazing. Here’s why:

On January 1st, I’ll launch a new website with lot of contents & services. I’m taking it into the next level.

It’s my final year of school & I’ve planned a lot for my post-school life.

In April, I’ll see WrestleMania XXX on pay-per-view. I’ll witness the final match of The Undertaker. Rest in Peace Paul Bearer…

I’ll turn 18 in 22nd August!!! After that I can do all stuff “legally” that I already do.

What’s my new year resolution? – I’ll improve, not change.

It’s already 11:00PM folks…tik tok tik tok….MVP is not coming back in an hour, but 2014 is. Happy 2014!