It’s finally the last month of this most berzerk year in my life. It’s 15th of this final month & I’m currently watching Comedy Nights with Kapil & also chatting with my cousin sister on Facebook. I think I’ll post another blog post in this blog to review this crazy year & talk about things.

WWE TLC pay-per-view in several hours & Orton vs. Cena will main event the PPV. I don’t expect a clean finish to the PPV. I’m not much excited for the event, but we’ll see.

I recently bought CM Punk: Best in the World t-shirt and I really love this t-shirt. I did a lot of cool things in this year, and I’d love to share all of it on this canvas. That post will be something similar to an annual award, but there will be no nominees in the awards.

I also have some great plans for my websites in 2014, and I expect a lot from the year. I’ll do what it takes to take my work to the next level, and I’ll also try to keep up with my studies in the WrestleMania XXX year. I wish nothing but the best to all my readers & friends! Keep the good work up everyone!