I wanted to write a post on this blog from over a month, but never got in mood of writing something in this blog. But today looks to be the perfect day for me to update this place.This day, 15/10/13, marks when Sachin Tendulkar played the last cricket match of his international career. Oh man, I’m talking about the God of Cricket. I grown up watching him on my TV set. When I was kid, I was not much familiar with the names of the players, and Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman were the few names that I knew, and they all are gone from the cricket now. It was my honor to watch them perform in the 22-yard pitch. Thank you Sachin and all of my icons for everything.

So let move back to my normal life, which is not so normal. I went to Katni last month for my Nani’s funeral, and it was a great experience to meet all my cousins. It was a sad scene, but still a great experince after the stuff. They all are growing up so fast, even my cousin sisters.

And my websites are going great as well. My exams will start later this month, and I really need to give some attention to my study, as this is my final year.

That’s it for this post, #ThankYouSachin