Last night’s episode of WWE Smackdown scored 59,945 in social media activity. The numbers were down from last week’s 65,882.

It was the lowest social media score since May 18th’s pre-Extreme Rules episode of Smackdown with a social media score of 56,088. Overall, it was ranked #2 in Friday Cable Shows Chart, trailing MLB Playoff: Dodgers vs. Braves on TBS.

Rest in Peace WWE Battleground build-up… 😐

Let’s see how long I’ll be able to receive Social Media Score from Trendrr as they’re making some changes in their website. As of Saturday, their website is not available for public, but I got these figures from a simple hack. Hope this change is temporary.

Some one told be that Twitter bought Trendrr in August. If it’s true, then congratulations to their team.

Let’s get back to pro-wrestling. John Cena is being sued by an construction man (not by his ex-wife) that re-innovated his house back in 2010. He is suing him for more than $15,000. contacted Cena’s public rep, but he had no words for the news.

WWE Battleground pay-per-view is about 32 hours away, and build-up really really sucked..!! I’m not expecting some huge pay-per-view numbers for the event, and it’s not “best for business.” Here is my Battleground preview & picks at