Hey folks.

Another month is just above to end. It was neither great nor sucked. I downloaded bunch of stuff from torrents this month, including CM Punk Best in the World DVD, Attitude Era DVD, Resident Evil for PSP, Sega Sports Tennis, and Fifa 14.

YES! YES! YES! I got Fifa 14!! It’s a great game, not much changed from past year’s game but still a bit better than it. Movement of players are better and some new songs on the media-box. 5 star game. Sega Sports Tennis is also awesome. My brother is still trying to defeat com in hard mode.

For online earning, the second half of this month really sucked. Still hoping that GoDaddy would sent me my remaining $90 soon. Plus, InfoLinks is also close to $50.

WWE Raw in morning!! I just can’t wait for the pre-Battleground episode, it should be awesome. Right now I’m listening to Wrestling Observer Live radio on Stitcher! I really love Stitcher app on my Android. Wrestling Observer Live host Bryan is ripping WWE Battleground pay-per-view name. HAHA!

Also working as much as I could on BWidgets.com, but I feel tired after writing an tutorial everyday. I mean posting twice a day is not a much great idea for a blog. Most of my articles this month were about WordPress config.php & functions.php files. Have a great October!