Happy 17th Birthday to me!! It’s my 17th birthday & I’m just one year away from being adult. It feels awesome. Watching Chennai Express as I’m writing this post. I can talk about movies all day long.

SummerSlam pay-per-view was awesome. Cena/Bryan & Lesnar/Punk really stole the show. Both matches were amazing. Main event finish was way too much interesting. Everyone knows about it, but nobody expected in this way.

The show is going in a very interesting direction, I’d love to see Orton vs. Bryan in a great bout at next WWE pay-per-view, which is Night of Champions.

Not sure if I wrote about it in past but I’d love to tell you guys that I recently bought a PSP. PSP 1003 & I’m glad that I bought it. I got several amazing games, such as God of War, Assassins Creed, WWE SvR, UFC, NFS, and lot more.

Earning so much money thru several online ways, such as advertising & affiliates. I really love what I’m doing. And here comes an item song in Chennai Express. Hot Song Time..!!! Lot of my latest pics, I’ll post them later on the blog, so they may appear on Google Image Search in near future.

I really love to see my images on Google Image Search. Haha. So, I’ll catch all of you guys soon, so until then, Good bye.