Today is 31th of August, which means the end of my birthday month. I really don’t want this month to end. It was the best birthday month for me.

It’s time for me to discuss my August experience.

August started with some exciting surprises for me. I earned a lot this month & I bought a PSP on 2nd of August. Purchasing a PSP on my own was my dream and I finally did. I also bought a 32GB memory card (with Adapter) for my PSP with about 18 games in it.

I also received about $50 from GoDaddy this month. It was from my affiliate earning. $90 are still in my GoDaddy account, and I hope they’ll send it soon.

Then we had WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view on 18th August. I must say it was one of the best in a long time. We had Cena vs. Bryan & Best vs. The Beast. Cena and Bryan really stole the show with their great wrestling skills. The ending was awesome & a mark out moment for marks, haha. Punk vs. Lesnar was also awesome & one of the best in a long time.

Then on 22nd I celebrated my birthday with my family & friends. It was awesome & it was the first time when my birthday party was from my own money. I’d never buy a ice cream brick again on my birthday night.

Then on 28th we celebrated birthday of my mom!! It was not a huge celebration but it was a nice little family party.

Now we have #UFC164 later tonight. It must be awesome as well. Can’t wait to see some great MMA action.

So on 26th, I and two friends of mine visited KFC. I often visit fast food restaurants, but it was my first visit to KFC. We ordered some huge meals. Believe me, some big costly meals. Those meals were just Okay & nothing special. Then we ordered KFC’s Krushers (Chocolate flavor). Believe me, those Krushers tasted like Bournvita. I hate Krushers now. Nothing but waste of some hard earned money.