Hey everyone from around the world and universe. First of all, Happy Ramjan to all my Muslim brothers and friends around the world. Posting on my blog after more than a month, and it feels so good, as I have lot of things to write about.

First let’s start with Spider Man. I love Facebook’s new Photo Comment feature, as I’m having Spider Man thread everyday on Anime group. I just downloaded several dozens Spidy comment memes, and they’re just awesome. All memes are from original Spider Man cartoon. Just posted another one on Ryan Clark’s random image. Haha…

Also, I’m earning good amount of money every week with Likes and it’s awesome. I’m planning to buy a PSP Console from a long time, and hope to get it shortly. I’ll surely post some pics on my blog, after I get one. Hope I’ll get in few months.

Wrestling DVD News just revealed three matches for WWE’s upcoming Triple H DVD and Blu-Ray set. So I have some more work to do tonight. Also, schools are in and I’ll be missing several episodes of WWE Raw and it’d suck. But now TenSports airs WWE same week as USA and it’s very cool.

I’m improving day-by-day, and it feels so damn awesome. Improving is better than changing, haha. And right now, my phone is playing an Avril Lavigne song – it’s Things I’ll never say. Finally, the song is over.

WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view is on this Sunday and I’m very excited for the pay-per-view. It’ll feature the best Money in the Bank match in the history of the promotion. I’m also looking forward to August’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, as it’ll feature Bryan vs. Cena and Lesnar vs. Punk.

Wanna write a lot, but I have some important work to do, so GOOD BYE & GOOD NIGHT for now… 🙂