Lot of guys often ask me about my favorite girl. For me it’s not much hard to decide who is my favorite girl (not from my family) in this world. Even I’m listening to her song right now, Here’s To Never Growing Up. Yea that’s right, it’s my favorite singer in the world, Avril Lavigne.

I don’t like those fashion model type girls, I like those punk, crazy, sweet, adorable and tomboy girls. They’re perfect for me. I mean, my girl should always use all crazy, abusive words, not like other girls. I love Avril more than Pokemon. She’s just perfect for me. Now, I LOVE her, but don’t think I’m the guy who is going to say, “I wanna marry her.” I know that I’ll never everrrr get her. I’m just saying that I want someone like Avril. She is awesome, and I’m a big fan and LOVE HER! <3 I know she’s not going to read or reply this post, but still I love you Avi!!