Hey people, whats up? Today (11/5) was great day and I’m so happy. According to Indian time zone, it’s 12 May here, so Happy Mother’s Day to all amazing moms. I love you mommy!!!

It was a great day because I saw some progress in RTime=Now mission. I’m not talking about any John Cen a related thing.

Speaking of Cena, Extreme Rules PPV is just 8 days away. The match card is good, still not that interesting. On main event, we have Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H for the last time in our life. It’s going to be a great match for sure. This match is being booked to make Lesnar a strong contender, since his record after return is 1-2.

Also, we have Ryback vs. John Cena for WWE Title. This match is something different from other matches. Ryback will be working this match as a heel but he is not a good heel actor. Ryback is not receiving any heel reaction from audience.

Dolph Ziggler has a triple threat match at Extreme Rules, but following a concussion, his future is up in the air. Hope he’ll recover by PPV. This is going to be a great match with three amazing talents. Get well soon Ziggy.

Then we have Orton vs. Show in an Extreme Rules match. It’s going to be really extreme match. While Orton wants to turn heel, Show will be working this match as a heel. It’s going to be “Extreme” for sure.

Fourth match on the card is Sheamus vs. Henry in a strap match, which looks really good on the card. I always loved these strap matches, even more when a contender is way too much stronger than the other one.

More matches are expected to added this Monday on Raw. The Shield is expected to face Team Hell No for Tag Team Titles.

Let’s get back to RTime=Now, so somebody who usually ignores me (not his/her mistake, since our past and present is !@#$), was paying attention to be. But I never looked back at it. I mean, if we’re going to do this again, then let’s play some mind and eye games!! It was a feel good moment, and I was a bit surprised by this.

Let’s just stop this discussion….NO I’m not so SHY at all… 🙂