Hey guys, WWE Extreme Rules PPV is just one day away and I have some match predictions for this PPV. Let’s get started…

First of all, match line-up looks so great. Almost every stipulation is great and amazing booking. It’s going to be a tough PPV for superstars. Hope they won’t get hurt. There is no divas match in card, but final match card is never final. However, you can check updated match card by clicking here.

WWE Title – Last Man Standing Match – John Cena vs. Ryback

Seriously, nobody is excited for this match. Ryback is not a great heel actor for sure. He’s not getting any reaction from the crowd. Ryback is trying to stick with Ryback Rules gimmick to get away from Feed Me More gimmick.

It’s not going to be main event for sure, since we have Game vs. Beast in the card.

My Prediction: John Cena

Cage Match – Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

It’s going to main event this ppv for sure. Their record is 1-1 and they’ll fight for last time to settle this feud. It’s not an easy match, they’ll wrestle inside demon’s prison, an old school cage match. I have no idea if cage for this match will be simple cage or an old school cage, which had blue bars.

We have Paul Heyman at Brock Lesnar’s corner. It’s going to be an amazing match for sure. I cheered for Triple H in past two matches, but this time I’ll be cheering for “The Beast” Brock Lesnar!!

My Prediction: Brock Lesnar

#1 Contender Match – I Quit – Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

It was suppose to be triple treat ladder match for World Heavyweight Title, but Champion Dolph Ziggler is out due to a serious concussion, so it’s now a one-on-one match.

An I Quit match is always awesome. I don’t think Face Alberto Del Rio will ever quit. However, I like Jack Swagger’s new gimmick, it’s even more amazing with Zeb Colter. I’m going to chant #WeThePeople for sure. Let’s see what’s going to happen.

My Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

Strap Match – Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

That’s what they both do. An Irish man vs. world’s strongest man. I have no idea how Sheamus is going to survive in this match, since it’s a strap match. Huge buildup for this match. I mean they hyped it so much. It’s always hard to pick winner for this type of matches, but I’m going on with my Irish fella.

My Prediction: Sheamus

Extreme Rules Match – Randy Orton vs. Big Show

A viper vs. a giant in an extreme rules match. It’s going to be awesome for sure. Last year, we saw Lesnar vs. Cena in an extreme rules match, which was hell of a match. So, it should be great.

I expect lots of cheers for Orton, since he’s always crowd favorite. I guess either one of them are going to lose (Sheamus or Orton). As I picked Sheamus for last match, so this one is going to be bit easy for me.

My Prediction: Randy Orton

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

To be honest, I’m too excited for this match. They’re going to steel the show for sure. It’s Fan-Dan-Gooo vs. Chris Jerichoooo…

At WrestleMania, Fandango def. Jericho in his debut match, which was an awesome push and moment for Fandango. Now, it’s time for Jericho for some revenge.

As we know, Extreme Rules is Jericho, and Jericho invented Fandango. So, it’s going to be pretty easy and fun for me to pick my favorite. Both are my favorite, I’ll cheer for Jericho and I’ll doing some Fandangoing for sure. Can’t wait!

My Prediction: Chris Jericho

Tag Team Titles – Tornado Tag Match – Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Finally we’ll have some amazing tag team action. I never saw any tornado tag match. Maybe I did, but I can’t remember. I’m so happy that The Shield is getting some title shots. I want all three members to leave Extreme Rules with the titles.

It’s going to be some of the best tag matches in a long time. Team Hell No is amazing and entertaining and The Shield is Justice :p

My Prediction: The Shield

U.S Title – Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

We’ll see Dean Ambrose in single match for first time on a PPV. Also, it’s his first title show and I think he’ll hit it. They should put him in a match for IC title, but it’s better than nothing. Kofi Kingston is great wrestler and champion for sure, so it’s going to be an awesome match.

Both guys are so talented and amazing. I have no doubt about these two amazing talents. However, it’s not much tough to pick my choice for this match.

My Prediction: Dean Ambrose

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

The Miz, who is the most must see superstar in the history of pre-shows, will take Cody Rhodes in the online pre-show, which is available to stream for free on multiple sites.

I’m not going to watch this match, since I don’t watch pre-shows, so let’s just pick a winner.

My Prediction: The Miz

For those who asked, I’m not going to host any PPV stream on my website to improve site’s content quality. However, if you want to watch Extreme Rules for free, then just comment on this post, tweet me @HardeepAsrani, or just contact me.