Hey guys, writing post on this blog after a long time. I has fever last two weeks, and because of that I missed three exams. It was hell of a fever and almost took my life away. Speaking of injuries and fever, John Cena is injured. I mean people are happy, since now we have to see him less on TV.

I migrated WWE Fans Nation from Blogger to WordPress and believe me guys, it’s way too much awesome now. Also, now I’ll also write about WordPress on BWidgets. Changing it’s name from Blogger Widgets to Blog Widgets.

WordPress is awesome. I love all plugins, services, and customization. MobilePress is the best plugin a found so far. In few minutes, I’ll write an article about removing MobilePress footer credits on BWidgets.

By the way, did you guys know that now we can also use Facebook on your mobile. I mean on our mobile without an internet connection. Atleast we can do this in Asia. Just dial *325# on your mobile phone and enjoy.

Blogger’s text editor is better than WordPress’ editor, since these AJAX effects are awesome. Also, I’m using BlogDesk to post on my WordPress. Live Editor is not working with my blog, which totally sucks.

I believe in The Shield, do you believe in them?