Last week on May, and my life is going up and down. My Adsense check is on his way, and I’ll receive it by 15 June. Also, I’ll receive my MyLikes earning this week, which is only close to $3. Just deleted 24 revisions from my WordPress.

WordPress is now 10 years old, and Matt wrote a great letter to WordPress about their long journey. It’s a must read article for all WordPress users. You can read it at

I’m just using WordPress for about 2 months, and it’s so damn awesome. I’m really loving it. It’s way too much better than Blogger (Sorry Blogger!). However, Blogger is good for free and newbies bloggers.

So now I started to play Freedom Fighter game, which is awesome. I really love that game, and it’s better than CS. Right now, I’m listening to Here’s to never growing up by my favorite +Avril Lavigne. I really love Avril Lavigne, and I’m a black star!

Wednesday evening, me and my friends were just having fun, and suddenly I saw her and….!@#$ That’s it for this topic.

Extreme Rules pay-per-view was a great event, but with some poor booking. Cena vs Ryback match was awesome, but screw job ending was not so great. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H was a great cage match, and I cheered for B-ROCK LES-NAR.

I started WFN Newsletter on WWE Fans Nation and it’s freakin’ cool. I’m so confused about what’s going on my life. I’m not confused about my future or anything, but the way things are going.

My hair are out of my controls, they are big and it’s hard for me to set them, so tomorrow I’ll get a new hair cut for the sake of my life. However, I’m going, it’s about 3AM 🙂