Finally, I bought for my blog. It’s a dream came true moment for me because I wanted a .COM after my name, since I was a child. It’s from Also, I’ll but a domain reseller hosting soon.
Need some more change in this blog, such as blog template and content. It’ll be a bit hard for me to get a suitable template for this blog, but I’ll try. Earlier today, I got my first ever ATM card. So happy to see it haha.

My new email is me[at]hardeepasrani[dot]com. Just trying to save it from spam. Those spammers are just to mean :p

So, WrestleMania 29 will be 6 hour long Really!! I mean now I have to watch 6 hours front of my lappy. It’ll be hard for me but I’ll survive.

Earlier today, WWE Raw was awesome. I really loved the whole show, including CM Punk’s segment, which was awesome. HBK will appear at WrestleMania, nothing could be better than this. Cena is still a face. It’s a beautiful day! 🙂

Exams are starting from 15 April. As of now, only 13 days away. I guess, I need to study this month. Good bye for this time.

NOTE: I deleted almost every old blog post. Sorry!!