Hey, it’s 11 April. Today is birthday of someone really special to me. I know from last 3-4 years. Happy birthday. 🙂

You guys watched WrestleMania 29? It was not really the best WrestleMania ever, but it was a great show. Lots of great matches and stars. Cena vs Rock was awesome. Also, Undertaker vs. CM Punk was a hell of a match.

Triple H Vs. Brock Lesnar was the most brutal fight of the night. Also, Fandango stole the show.

Raw after WrestleMania was best Raw ever. All credits goes to the awesome crowd. They were just awesome and pro-heel fans.

Congrats to our new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler really deserved it.

During Raw, former WWE Diva Maria replied me on Twitter.

Now time for some bad news. Yesterday, I purchased WordPress hosting for WWE Fans Nation. And it’s not a good news, since I was having a great trouble in the setup of domain redirection. Right now, WWE Fans Nation is back to Blogger, but I’ll shift it to WordPress later this month.

Final note, my exams are starting from this Monday, so don’t expect me online Al the time. Good bye guys.