As Indian fans should know, from 1st April, Digitization is necessary in some cities, including my city. So, we bought a new TataSky connection, which is superb.. Great quality and content and also easy to buy addons and channels. I’m just waiting for some sort of number confirmation cuz I want to buy Ten Sports channel for my connection. Also, Vh1 is amazing… I was watching Punk’d on Vh1 feat. Miley Cyrus. That episode was hilarious.

I’m blocked from facebook for 24 hours, because I made fun of a friend of mine and then he reported that status to facebook. They sucks and about 15 more hours are left. Come on dude, I was just making fun in a right way, I wasn’t bullying him. #TwitterIsBetter.

So, next article on is going to be about customizing youtube player. For which, I’m going to use this article and this guide. It’s a great way to customize without using any other website’s help. First, I’ll post custom parameters list, then I’ll post article on how to customize it.

Yesterday was “Holi” in India, which is a festival of colors and I really enjoyed it. Specially last hour of it. I thought that I’ll try to settle some old relationships but that didn’t worked out, since I never get a change to talk with her, That’s SAD but anyways, I’ll fix those things up any other day. And I’ll try to fix’em up asap. My friend was the reason for our break-up, but I can’t blame them for that. Come On, they will say, “You’re blaming your friends for a girl.”

That’s it for this time….