First of all, I wanted to inform you guys that now I’m using manual jump break on my on this blog….so you won’t see below content in homepage…click on article to read it…

So…Just read Google’s one page SEO pdf, which was released earlier… one page it was very informative for me…Also, Google Glass are awesome….hope to get one someday…..

Before starting WWE talk…let me finish some other topics….. I love GoDaddy Affiliates….I earned $34 in last three days, which is awesome for me. I never earned that much from AdSense in three days. Hoping for more..

Thinking to post something of CSS Box. I love that blog but I don’t have much to post on that blog. Also, me and my brother started a new blog, called Voucher Valley, where we post about latest GoDaddy and other coupons….

BWidgets is going well. It’s ranked about 73K in Alexa ranking, which is awesome because that blog is not even one year old. Mosquitoes are really pissing my mind off…ooch…

I opened my first bank account on United Bank. Still waiting for their confirmation letter. Hope to save some money with this bank, since I want to buy a new laptop from my own money.

Time for WWE talk, so WWE Raw tonight (in morning). Posted a lot of content on my site and I’m not going to write about it on this blog, cuz right now I’m too lazy to talk about it…. Good Byee.. 🙂